Thursday, July 31, 2014

Miss you, Mom and Dad! See you soon, little Fife!

Grandma Miller

This week was a memorable week for all of us. Our Grandma Miller died, my mom's mom. Dad and Mom found some great people from the ward (thank you, guys!) to take care of the four little ones, plus lots of help from my dad's work friend, Ashley, and her husband Chris. Then we left, the four older ones and Mom and Dad, for Utah, where my Grandpa was holding the funeral. We stayed at my mom's sister's house, with our awesome Nelson cousins. A lot of us kids had a really hard time knowing how to act. We all wanted to play with each other because we barely ever had that chance, and we really wanted to be allowed to have fun. We din't know if it would be disrespectful to have such a good time together, but we did, because my mom and Aunt Ashley said that Grandma would have wanted it that way. When Saturday came, this being Utah, we were at the church in 30 seconds, and then we walked in. We had come really early and not many people were there yet. We went into the viewing room all together, and looked at Grandma. All of us kind of clung together, like we were united and couldn't be lost or separated. It was a sad, beautiful moment where we all cried together, but we were together. Our Grandpa Miller was with us, and my Great Grandma Bascom. I don't think Grandma Bascom ever imagined she would still be on the world when her own daughter was gone, but I think it meant a lot for her to be there at the funeral, because it was so soft and lovely, putting an emphasis on the happy times Grandma had in her life.The whole time people started arriving, me and Livi and all us cousins were watching the slideshows with Grandma's pictures of when she was a young mom or teenager, full of life and sparkles. In the background,  John Denver songs played, like Grandma's Featherbed, Follow Me, and all the other songs she loved. A bunch of the artworks and painted things that Grandma did were up for everyone to see (she was a really good painter). There were school pictures up in frames. There she was in first grade with teeth lost. We all passed out her favorite chocolate buttercreams to people who were just arriving.  I was just meeting so many of Grandma's loved ones and friends, but it felt like I already knew them. Everyone seemed to be there for each other, and everyone was happy and made sure we all knew that they were there to support and comfort everyone. My dad sang a John Denver song: On the Wings of a Dream. My mom and all her brothers and sisters spoke about their mom, making people laugh. There seemed to be so many funny stories about the Grandma Who Loved to Laugh. Once, my Grandma loaded all her kids with water guns to ambush their uncle Tony. When he drove up, they got ready to spray, but he stepped out of the car with a giant water gun that Grandma had supplied him with. But they got him back, because my mom had insisted they fill their guns with toilet water. :)
Everyon was loving, and I learned so much about my grandma that I didn't know. It was a wonderful experience for all of us, and I think we're all grateful for it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


We took a hike to the top of a huge mountain next to our house and trekked out on an outcrop of rock at the very tip. You could see everything from there. The roof of our house looked 1000 feet below us. Who knows... maybe it was. Whoooo... mysterious.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Versions of "The Babies"

So, I'm guessing after these few years of no blogging, no one really knows what the tiny babies we had a few years ago look like now. They are little girls, and their names are Sade and Reese. They both run around on chubby little legs now, and tell mom what they want in tiny little speeches.

This is baby Sade.This is baby Reese.

They are trouble. Whoever made up that saying, the terrible twos, was wrong. The alliteration might have a nice ring to it, but what it should be is terrible one through threes. Or maybe terrible twins one through threes. 
We don't care, though. They're terrors must be the cutest things on Earth. They know the perfect way to grin up at you with sparkly eyes just when they know their in trouble. I don't know how they do it, but they have a whole thing worked out, so they avoid time outs. 

REAL Fireworks

For the 4th of July we couldn't use real fireworks, as we live in the Rocky Mountains, and the prime word in fireworks being fire... we figured we'd keep it safe,. We did, however, go all out with the sparklers, as you can see by the very closely burning stick in Tagg's hands.
This is Tigue and her little friend Scarlett, unsure what to do with the inflamed hot light in there hands. 
After we burnt all the sparklers to dust, we took a trip up to our neighbor John's house. His house sits right on the tip of a mountain in our neighborhood of foothills, and outlooks the whole of the city down in Denver. We watched all the amazing fireworks go up from one mile away to 100. You could just make out little sparks of green and red really far out there, and there was an especially huge explosion down at the baseball stadium. There were sparks going up in 100 different places at once, and we had the perfect spot to see it all: a deck in the Rockies.


This is Payte snapping selfies at a baseball game. No, the background is not fake, though if I didn't know any better, I would think so too.
We went to this game last summer with the Ramseys, our Floridian friends. This game was perfect for when they were in town because it was Tampa Bay Rays, their guys, against Rockies, our guys. Unfortunately for them, we got a grand slam and beat them 9 to 6.

Friday, April 11, 2014

New Year's Olympics

We had our friends the Widlunds over for New Year's Olympics. That's Payte's friend, Molly, trying to work the cookie show.
Sally's got it to her eye. So the way this game works is you put the cookie on your forehead and get it to your mouth using your face muscles, no hands. It's pretty tough, and requires balance.
This is me. I have this habit of keeping my mouth open the whole time, like the cookie will magically jump into my mouth if I'm patient enough.
The toothpick game. Everyone holds a toothpick in their mouths and passes along the lifesaver. Again... no hands.
 Ogo sports! Happy New Year's Olympics!!!!