Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Catching Up!

Just surviving, that's what we're doing. These last couple of months have been CRAZY. We've been SO grateful for all the friends and family members that have come from near and far to help...........cause we needed it! The babies are doing great. They are nearly 11 weeks now. Wow! The days are endlessly long but the weeks fly by. They are sleeping through the night now which is HUGE. I was getting tired of, as Reese puts it, "lots of little sleeps."
I love this picture.
I took this pic at six weeks. Now, at nearly eleven weeks, Rook is 10.5 lbs and Tigue is 8.5. She feels like a feather compared to him.
Getting a morning shave.
Diaper heads
Grandma Reynolds and the babies. She was able to see them in the hospital. We are sure happy to have her close by.
Tay and Tigue
Tay and her friend Sarah dressed the babies up in American Girl Doll and Build-a-Bear clothes.
Each of the babies' personalities are consistent with how the were in the womb. Rook didn't move a whole lot. In the hospital the nurses had me eat and drink certain things to get him to perform on the NST's (non stress tests). Tigue, well she was another story; always kicking. The ultrasounds showed how she forced Rook into a little ball in the bottom of my tummy while she was sprawled out and comfortable on the top. Now, Rook is the easier baby. He sleeps well, eats well, and well, that's about it. Tigue seems to have an opinion about EVERYTHING. She spits up all the time and will only take a certain pacifier which, of course, is hardest one to find in the stores. She doesn't care for formula, insists on having a dry diaper, and wants someone's attention all the time. When all of those "needs" are met, she's great! But, really, she's such a doll! I can't hug and kiss them enough.
Our SUPER friends Dee and Shelby came to help from Illinois. It was SO nice to take LoNg naps during the day while they watched the kids.
Vicki came from Seattle. She's the greatest. She got up with the twins during the night! She helped me get them on a four hour feeding schedule as opposed to a three. Having that extra hour helps me a lot! Ahhhhhh, I miss Vicki.
Chula cuddling up to Rook.
Payte and Rook
Uncle Mo!
Mo stayed with us for a week. It was great to see him. He leaves on his mission to New Hampshire next week. We miss you Mo.
Grandma and Grandpa Miller with all the kids. They came to help out and be here for the twins' blessing. They've been at every single one of my kids' blessings. My mom got up with the babies at night too. Sleep in heaven.
Grandpa Reynolds flew in for the blessing too. He flew in Saturday and left Sunday; way too quick of a trip, but we're so grateful he came. He walked in, picked up Rook, and was immediately doused with spit-up.
My boys
Uncle Daman wrestling with the kids.
Brady, Julie, and fam came down too. Brady made new doors for our kitchen cabinets. He's amazing. Just show him a picture and he can build it. He, Julie and Daman all worked hard to get the project done. It looks great guys! Thanks.
This is how we all feel by the end of the day.