Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Babies!

They're getting so big!


My AWESOME brother Ross came down to Florida for Spring Break. I just LOVE Ross. Lucky is the lady who pins him down. He brought three friends with him; Dustin, Kyle, and Ryan. One would think that it was mayhem in our house with six kids and four college boys, but really, the week was nothing but enjoyable. It's no surprise that Ross chooses great people to be friends with. The boys were considerate, helpful, and fun, and they ate a TON! I seriously there was enough food on one their plates to feed our entire family. I hope they all come back again.
Ross and the kiddos. I don't know what Payte's and Dak's deal is in this pic.
The leaves fall in March here.
The Spring Breakers
Jumpin' in our lake