Thursday, May 24, 2012

Two Amazing Ladies!

My SUPER awesome Aunt Mary and WONDERFUL grandmother Kathleen (hey, she has my name) came to visit.  What a trip it was for them.  They drove from Wisconsin to Utah to see my sister.  Then from there to Denver to see my uncle's family.  Then from Denver to Florida to see us.  I still can't believe it! We love them soooooooo much.  We had a wonderful time playing cards, watching the kids swim, visiting, and of course, holding babies and changing diapers.  These are just a few of the pics from their trip.  I'm kinda into instagram.  I think the world of these two and consider myself lucky to have them my life.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just What I Need..........

another child to tote around.  Okay, I'll not make this about myself.  After all, I am not the injured party here.  Rook fell off the ladder leading up to the treehouse.  He didn't cry as much as we would have expected.  Reese almost put him down so he could "shake it off" and run back to play.  But, when he pulled his pant legs up to take a look there was no doubt it was broken. 
 Rook has been doing GREAT.  Sure, he's had his moments, but all in all he's been quite the trooper.  Tigue seems to be having the harder time with all this.  She lost her little partner in crime and she has to put up with all the obnoxious Power Ranger episodes we've been allowing him to watch.  

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dinner and a Show!

We had a special treat Friday night; dinner and a show!  I must say it was honestly a surprise.  I had NO idea what was behind the sneaking and hiding and scuttling that took place all week.  I was banished to my room with Sade at 4:00.  The kids made an entire dinner (dessert included), and performed and adorable (at least in the eye of this beholder) version of "Little Red Riding Hood."  I must say I was impressed.  Everything was wonderful!  Thanks kids!

This was on a separate night.  That chocolate cake is 100% raw,  and............I'm in the picture!  Apparently someone couldn't wait to indulge until the candles had been blown out.