Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Problem with Dogs and Kids Under, or On Top of the Same Roof

Chula comforting Tagg when he was sick.  

I love my kids dearly, even fiercely.  I love our dog too.  She's great.  I can take her out in the front yard without a leash and AlMoSt not worry she will run away.  She's playful and affectionate, and I love that too.  She loves cars.  One time I went out to the garage to find her sitting calmly sitting in the driver's seat of Reese's car with the hazard lights on.  She got in through the sun roof.  The problem with the kids is that they give her WAY too many opportunities to be a dog; toys and shoes left for her to chew, doors wide open for her to escape, etc, etc.  Here is a list of things she has done in the last two weeks.
1.  Dug two different holes under the fence to get into each of the neighbors' backyards.
2.  Ate all our neighbors bird food.  
3.  Learned how to climb OVER our fence.  It's high and she is not big.  You should see her jump!
4.  Got on the roof twice.  
5.  Jumped from our second story balcony to the ground.  She was fine.  I kind of wish she had gotten a little hurt so she won't do it again.  
6.  She is currently working on digging a pit for our trampoline.  It may be a long time before that's done.  

And here she is on the roof.  

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kyle and Erica!!!!

Our GREAT friends Kyle and Erica came down for a visit.  We knew them in Seattle. Funny.......we all moved to and from Seattle around the same time.  It was SO fun to see them.  I miss them.  Erica is as sweet and lovely as ever, and Kyle continues - despite having been away from us for over 2 years, to be a huge hit with the kids.  It's so great to see old friends doing well and making a difference in the world. We love these two!  

Kyle and Tagg