Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Been Another Long While

These are all pics from Feburary and March. I must say that we LOVE living in New York!

Rook's gotten into sword fighting.

Tagg turned 4!
Our new favorite toy.......Citiblocs. I used to build block towers all the time when I was little from some homemade blocks by Dad. He made some for my kids and they love them. I picked up these citiblocs at Costco one day. They are TONS of fun.

Tay documented our trip from Florida to New York with blocks for a school project. Above is our Suburban pulling Reese's Landcruiser on a trailer.
Pit stop at Waffle House in the middle of the night
A stop at a park. The lego guy on the ground represents Tay falling off the monkey bars and into the mud.

We put Striker (our snake) in a pillowcase so he could come too.

A little "scripture power" with the Addison's. They came up from Florida for their Winter and Reynolds fix.
Cruisin' around
Uncle Rossy!
Grandpa Miller!
The kids began tennis lessons when we moved here. It's on Saturday morning at 6:30! It works out great because it doesn't interfere with the rest of our day. We came home to find the bird in Reese's hand flying around the house.
These two are TROUBLE! Twin toddlers is WAY harder than twin infants (in my opinion). The first year was nothing compared to this.
Cody and Jess came! Woohoo! Easter egg dyeing.
Tay loves to dress Tigue and her doll up in the matching clothes.
Rub a dub, three boys in a tub.