Sunday, October 26, 2008


Tay was sent to time out the other day. She frequents the dreaded purple room a lot less than the other children. But, sometimes the wrong buttons get pushed and she gets worked up beyond a point of no return. It's at this time that she becomes absolutely hysterical. It is utterly impossible to talk or reason with her. She's an absolute MADwoman!
Anyway, I let her calm down and went in to talk to her. She had barricaded herself in the couch with pillows and posted the following sign.
I wouldn't want to talk to me either after an episode like that.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Virginia............Home Sweet Home.

Reese and I took the girls up to Virginia two weeks ago for SVU's homecoming. It's where we met (awwwwwhhhhh). I LOVE this place. I've been saying that about various different locations lately. If it's not Florida, I love it. But really, it is a wonderful place to go to school. We caught up with old friends that feel like family to us.

This is Main Hall. Isn't it beautiful! I lived in this building when I was there. The fall in this town is spectacular! The rolling hills and mountains are covered in colors of yellow, red and orange.

Reese played in the annual alumni soccer game. These guys are getting OLD! They could barely walk by the end of the game.

This is Tay with Jessica and Jennifer Brotherson. I babysat these two when I was in college. They babysat my two while we were there. The Brotherson's are a super amazing family. We love and respect them so much. And wow, I must say it was so easy to just have the girls with us. I started getting everyone ready for church at my usual time and ended up with an hour to spare!