Saturday, May 24, 2008

The BIG Melon!

Dak has a HUGE head! I've seriously been asked at least three times by StRaNgErS if I had to have a C-section with him. And, no, I didn't. His body is in the 5th percentile. I'll assume responsibility for that. His head is in the 95th! That one comes from the Reynolds. This imbalance causes him to bump his head ALL the time! He rarely fusses about it. A loud thud is often followed by these words from Dak, "I bonked.....again."
This one happened today at the park at our ward picnic.

This occured when Dak was sixteen months. Crying followed both of these goose eggs but, as you can see, he quickly bounces back.

End of the School Year Events

The end of the school year seems just about as busy as the beginning. The kids' folders come home full of JuNk (information) about end of the year sales and activities. Tay's Kindergarten class performed "The Ugly Duckling." It was very cute. Tay was one of the narrators and she did a WoNdErFuL job!
Tay and her best friend Selia, who chose a green cast to go with her costume.

Tay is second from the right (about two heads shorter than everyone else)

This is Payte with her teachers Ms. Annette, Ms. Glenda, and Ms. Rosa. I was thrilled with how well Payte did at school this year. She FINALLY developed an appetite for learning and accomplishment.
We are SO lucky to have at least one set of Grandparents close. We love that they can join us for things like this.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Starting Over

That's right..........I have to start a new blog. My old one was deleted and there have been many failed attempts in retrieving it. I'm so bummed! That was kind of like a family journal.
I had a wonderful Mother's Day. I LOVE being a mom. I can't count how many times a day I look at my family and think, "What did I do to deserve all this?"
Dak was able to stay at Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds' house for three whole days all by himself. I was SO happy he had the opportunity to do that! I'm also grateful for wonderful in-laws who could give him that experience. I'm am always dragging the boys to the girls' stuff, so it was GREAT for Dak to have his grandparents, aunt, and uncle to himself. I think it's good for children to grow up in large families where they have to share everything. They are deeply loved but
understand that the world doesn't revolve around them. On the other hand, I think every child should have moments, or even a few days like the ones Dak just had where he was the center of attention. He got to go to the beach with MaShay and was attached to Grandpa's hip the rest of the time. He LOVES his Grandpa!
We all got together on MaShay's birthday to see the Lion King. It was amazing. It's worth going to just to see the costumes. Payte chuckled every time Rafiki came onto the stage. Everyone around us was laughing at her loud laughter. Happy Birthday MaShay! We love you! And finally, I was giving Tagg a bath in the kitchen sink. I put a few old markers in with him. He loves markers. I turned around to help Payte with something. I turned back around and saw this.........................