Sunday, January 23, 2011

A LOT has Happened Since Last Post..........

We are still alive..........barely.
Here is what the crazies have been up to

nice lip gloss guys

Tay turned 9!?!
This pic was taken a while ago (just hours before the twins were born actually) She was little Cindy Lou Who in her Broadway class production.

Tay doesn't like cake so we had homemade birthday donuts with the Ramsey's

Every few years Reese goes on a trip with his best friend Correy. It's the kind of "'roughin' it" trip I'm happy NOT to go on. They went to Nicaragua this time; had a blast.

Rook and Tigue turned 1! We made it through the first year. Had I known how hard twins would be at the time I found out I was having 2, I'd have cried my entire pregnancy. I swear it's more than double the work, but it's double the fun too. They make us laugh AlL the time.

Payte lost her snake.......again. She usually loses it because she forgets to shut its aquarium. It never ventures far and we always find it within a few minutes. However, this time she had no idea where she was when she set it down. GREAT! We turned the house inside out and upside down to no avail. Well......six weeks later we heard a loud ScReAm from Tay. Striker was slithering up the side of her bed in the library under the stairs. I had thought he was dead. Snakes can obviously go quite a while without food or water. I booked it to the pet store to purchase its dinner. Striker readily ate the first mouse. We put the second mouse in but he wouldn't eat it. In fact, he seemed scared of it. The above picture is the snake trying to get away from the from it's prey.

We had Christmas of course! Here the kids are in their Christmas pj's from Ms. Sequeira. We LOVE her!

We made a gingerbread village. The twins found the leftover candy the kids had "put away."

Dwarf tossing (actually a real thing). Where do we sign up?
Nice form Rook!

Payte and her bff Isaac.

Tay and her bff Bella jumping at Airheads on Christmas Eve.

And now for our big news..........we MOVED!
Reese's company transferred him to a small town in New York for a year. I was going nuts trying to tack a move on top of our Christmas festivities, so Reese took ALL six kids up to Brady and Julie's house for a couple days. Isn't he AmAziNg! I don't know any other dad who would brave such a task. I was soooo grateful as I got TONS done.
Cousins are the best! We love these dudes!

Cousin dog pile! Their girls are BEAUTIFUL!

Tigue almost got boxed up.

It wasn't so hard to say goodbye because we're going back.

The girls at their going away cookie exchange hosted by my AwEsOmE friend Heather.

We are LOVING the snow! Reese wrapped a tarp around a mattress and pulled the kids behind his truck. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical, but it worked great. Again, he's SO amazing!

They spend hours in the snow everyday after school.
This is the house we are renting. It's nearly 200 years old and lies on 11 acres with a creek. What a find! We love New York!