Sunday, April 25, 2010

Great Grandma Basket + Aunt Mary!

That's what Tagg calls my Grandma Bascombe, "Great Grandma Basket"
My Grandma and Aunt Mary came down to see us while we were in Indiana. They got to see the twins for the first time as well as Mike and Maranda's three day old baby Thomas.
four generation pic

She had Tigue laughing for the first time!

A big cheese for Great Grandma

Thank you thank you for coming down guys.
We just love you SO much!

FHE with the Davis'

If only arranged marriages were acceptable these days. We'd be set! The Davis kids were TONS of crazy fun. While in Virginia we spent an evening with one of my favorite friends, Kari, and her family. She's amazing in just about every way. I love her to death. Our kids all begged to go back the next day.
Payte caught a dead fish
Payte, you're amazing!

tin foil dinners and s'mores on the lake

Betcha wish Ya Lived in Florida When.......

You can get gallons of strawberries for NOTHING! Have you noticed how cheap the strawberries are in the grocery stores lately? Florida's "harsh" winter caused the strawberries to ripen all at once. Fields full of strawberries were going to waste. We scored 40 quarts for 8 bucks!

Time to Jam!