Saturday, April 12, 2014

REAL Fireworks

For the 4th of July we couldn't use real fireworks, as we live in the Rocky Mountains, and the prime word in fireworks being fire... we figured we'd keep it safe,. We did, however, go all out with the sparklers, as you can see by the very closely burning stick in Tagg's hands.
This is Tigue and her little friend Scarlett, unsure what to do with the inflamed hot light in there hands. 
After we burnt all the sparklers to dust, we took a trip up to our neighbor John's house. His house sits right on the tip of a mountain in our neighborhood of foothills, and outlooks the whole of the city down in Denver. We watched all the amazing fireworks go up from one mile away to 100. You could just make out little sparks of green and red really far out there, and there was an especially huge explosion down at the baseball stadium. There were sparks going up in 100 different places at once, and we had the perfect spot to see it all: a deck in the Rockies.

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