Monday, August 6, 2012

Sorry it's been a while.  I do have a few GREAT excuses.  In fact have three years of excuses.  That's right, three years.  That is how long I have been living in a tornado.  But I must say that hard things make us stronger and my blessings certainly outweigh my trials. the last three years I have had
2 twin pregnancies
4 kids
3 surgeries and
moved 3 times.
We have had our share of overnighters in the hospital, totaling in at 5 months for the family. YIKES!
We have SUPER great family and friends that have been and are helping us through our transitional life.  Hopefully, we will stay put for a while, and certainly, we will have no more blessings in the form of children joining us.  
Here are a few random pics from the last couple months.
We have been spending a lot of time at the park while living in a hotel
My older kids have been gems!  They help me out SO much.  Tay walked down the stairs carrying Rook and Tigue after bathing them.

We will miss our DEAR DEAR Florida friends!

 Tay and Bella worked SUPER hard to earn money for disabled children.  They had a bake and toy sale.  They earned over $100.  Way to go gals!  They got rained out on the second day of the sale.  We will miss those torrential Florida downpours.

Payte and Isaac
BFF's and crazy as ever!

A visit from our fav friend Emily

Sade the snake lover!


The old balancing trick

Tagg and Aunt Mary

Dak and our new horse Miles

Reese and Grandma Bascombe

Grandma came to help us while I was recovering from surgery and getting ready to move.
Isn't she fun!  Again, missing those downpours.

Tigue loves to bathe the babies
 One thing we are excited about is living within driving distance of family!  The boys just spent a week with cousins and Reese took the girls and Martha to Temple Square.
Martha is our cleaning lady who moved with us.  She is only staying temporarily.  We love her and will certainly miss her when she goes.  She has been making sure I don't overdo it.  I'm still not supposed to lift things and that is a VERY hard order to follow when you have little ones and are moving.
Looks like he needs a new church shirt.
Another kids head ran into Dak's mouth. 
6 stitches!